[TYPO3] strange behaviour for address

Ilaria De Marinis ilaria.demarinis at caspur.it
Wed Nov 21 16:30:56 CET 2007

Hi list,
I'm using typo3 1.4 and I need to create some tt_address contents.
To go through it, I performed the installation of the latest tt_address 
plugin; on the typo3.org webiste I found the plugin version 2.1.0

I have no problem for tt_address group.
Unfortunately I'm facing a problem to visualize addresses just created.

So, when I create a new address an error message reports this text:
"Sorry you didn't have proper permissions to perform this change"

In my database these new addresses are present, but if I "List" content 
page I can't see them and they are not hidden.

Can you help me?
Thanks in advance

Ilaria De Marinis 
Settore Automazione Biblioteche
Phone: +3906-44486052
CASPUR - Via dei Tizii ,6 - 00185 Roma
e-mail: ilaria.demarinis at caspur.it

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