[TYPO3] dr_wiki - instability and redirect to login

Lewis Jones lewis.jones at reap.asn.au
Wed Nov 21 06:07:15 CET 2007

Hi Folks,

I've just started using the dr_wiki extension and have run into a few  

1. Sometimes the wiki just goes blank and I lose everything I've been  
doing, even if it's saved.  Is that related to whether I'm logged  
in?  Sometimes I save it and on refreshing after the save, it is  
blank.  Anyone else experience the same problem?

2. The redirection to a login page is not working for me because I  
set the redirection page to 'login' from the element browser, but  
then when it sends me there, it sends me to http://www.reap.asn.au/ 
campus/login (where 'campus' is the wiki page) instead of just http:// 
www.reap.asn.au/login.  How do I avoid that?  There doesn't seem to  
be any way around it?

3.  The linked headers in the Table of Contents send me to the site  
home page rather than the correct spot in the article.  Hmmm...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Evangelising Australian Academia
Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
0418 605 687
02 9341 2541
lewis.jones at reap.asn.au

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