[TYPO3] Local and global ext.

Nino Katic DELETE_MEnkatic at jagor.srce.hr
Tue Nov 20 16:18:32 CET 2007


I have installed adodb extension on Typo3 ver. 3.8 as local. When i try to 
test it i get an error:

Error in init.php: Path to TYPO3 main dir could not be resolved correctly.

This happens if the last 6 characters of this path, 
/some_path/typo3conf/ext/adodb/, (\$temp_path) is NOT "typo3/" for some 

    [TYPO3_OS] =>
    [PATH_thisScript] => 
    [php_sapi_name()] => apache
    [TYPO3_MOD_PATH] => sysext/adodb/

It seems that Typo wants this extension to be in sysext/adodb but if i copy 
it there same thing happens. Anybody can help? Thx.



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