[TYPO3] Using an extensions main() function from another extension

Julian Lamberty julian.lamberty at mytum.de
Tue Nov 20 00:27:55 CET 2007


I'm trying to integrate the content from one extension ("sixpack") into 
the output of another one ("bzd_staff_directory").

The sixpack extension has a main() function (see 
http://phpfi.com/277446), which should be able to be called from another 
extension (as to be seen in lines 31-34).

I want to pass over some parameters (extConf) to it manually rather than 
having them fetched from flexforms as it's done in its viewer() function.

What I did can be seen at http://phpfi.com/277449. Right now I try to 
call viewer() directly but this way I can't pass parameters to sixpack.

Could anyone help me and tell me how the call to sixpack->main() has to 
be done to set extConf['viewMode'] and extConf['searchAuthor'] from the 
BZD extension? What do I need to pass to the sixpack main() function in 
$content and $conf?

Thanks for any advice!


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