[TYPO3] TinyRTE & Flash Issues...

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at xetpoint.fi
Fri Nov 16 14:22:01 CET 2007

Timothy Patterson kirjoitti:
> I am trying to insert a small flash button into my website via the RTE. 
>  (I have outside business factors that are requiring me to keep this in 
> the RTE.)
> I am using TinyRTE 1.6.6 as my editor.  Using the multimedia button I 
> can successfully add my flash button to the page and save it

I don't get even that working - when saving flash related code was taken 
> Even though I can insert the flash and it displays fine the next time 
> someone goes to edit the page Typo3 has removed all of the flash source 
> code in the editor.
> This is highly annoying!  It is soooo close to working.  Has anyone else 
> ran across this issue?  Does anyone have a solution?

try to contact to author. Tinyrte misses setting of allowed tags.

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