[TYPO3] dynamic text replacement based on domain

Daniel Mark dmark84 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 23:55:20 CET 2007

I have several domains directed to the same site tree within Typo3. I  
need to change instances of the company name within pagecontents  
depending on which domain the user visits from.

Right now, I'm successfully using the stfl_replacer extension[1] to  
replace those instances. (Thanks for the tip, Bartosz!) But I need to  
dynamically configure the <replacement> tag based on domain, something  
like this:

<replace index="0">
	[globalString = HTTP_HOST=www.companyA.com]
		<replacement>Company A</replacement>
	[globalString = HTTP_HOST=www.companyB.com]
		<replacement>Company B</replacement>

Obviously I can't do conditions within my page TSconfig, so I need a  
different strategy. I'm still new to Typo3 so I'm not sure how else to  
approach this. [Is there a way I can set a global variable|constant  
somewhere else and then reference it in my TSconfig?]

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


[1] http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/stfl_replacer/0.3.1/

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