[TYPO3] pixe_feediting conflicts with tt_news?

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at xetpoint.fi
Fri Nov 16 11:14:35 CET 2007

Brian Bendtsen kirjoitti:
> Tapio Markula skrev:
>> Brian Bendtsen kirjoitti:
>>> Hi
>>> After installing pixe_feediting I can no longer edit my news records 
>>> or create new ones.
>>> Any hints?
>>> /Brian
>> I don't understand - I tested with tt_news.
>> Editing existing items and creating new news items worked.
> I have the same problem on another site I just tested. If I remove 
> pixe_feediting the problem goes away...
> /Brian

I would need more information - what are configurations.
I put for tt_news edit panels after each titles, which worked.
Not tested with edit icons.

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