[TYPO3] realurl and (R)

Bartosz Aninowski bart at REM-IT-sonik.pl
Thu Nov 15 14:31:20 CET 2007

> Well, extension opens many posibilities. You can provide a name without 
> "R" if you wish. RealURL has no artifical intelegence, how it is supposed 
> to exclude one letter and keep all others? If it needs to exclude "R" in 
> your case, should it exclude second "W" in "William W. Bush"? I think not. 
> It just ensures that URL is valid, it does not have any logic about the 
> meaning.

this solve my problem
$processedTitle = strtr($processedTitle,'®','_');
(R) mens R in a cricle (Registered)
News server also changes this in normal letter R :) 

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