[TYPO3] Altering content based on if user is logged in

Bill Taroli bill.taroli at billsden.org
Sun Nov 11 22:07:22 CET 2007

I would agree with Katja that reviewing the docs would be helpful here, 
particularly where it relates to security features. I would also 
/strongly/ recommend the TYPO3 book since it consolidates information 
*much* better than the existing online resources for people getting started.

But to answer your question more directly, the options that Katja refers 
to are set in the properties of each page and content item. If you edit 
anything and scroll to the bottom, you will see properties for "Access". 
Options include "Hide at Login", "Show at any login", and user groups.

So, in short, it is definitely possible to do what you describe, and 
without a lot of effort.


Stephen Bungert wrote:
> Do you by users, the content editors? Or just avisitors to the site? I 
> mean the visitors to the site. Can you give me an example of how I do 
> that or give me a link. It sounds like it's what I want! Thank you for 
> your reply.
> Katja Lampela wrote:
>> Hi Stephen,
>> This is very very basic and great feature of TYPO3: you can restrict 
>> either a page or a page's content element to a certain group by one 
>> click. You can also activate "include subpages" and then you have the 
>> whole branch of the site tree restricted to this group. And that's not 
>> all :) - you can also show an element (or a page) to either all the 
>> users that have signed in or only to users that are not signed in.
>> Stephen Bungert kirjoitti:
>>> How does one do this with a TYPO3 based website?

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