[TYPO3] Page content in div marker

Oktawiusz Poranski oktawiusz.poranski at wp.pl
Tue Nov 13 09:14:10 CET 2007

Oktawiusz Poranski pisze:
> Hi
> I'm trying to add a random picture on my page as a left side block
> I'm not using TemplaVoila on my site.
> Since i'm quite new to TYPO3 i would like to ask if there is a way to 
> display page content by TS?
> For example as marked subpart in html template file like:
> In html template file:
> <div id="randomimage">RANDOM IMAGE HERE</div>
> and in template:
> subparts.randomimage = ???(page id=5 content)
> Is it possible? Can anyone point me in right direction?

Thank you everybody for help
In future i have to be more specific in my questions.
I'm using gallery2 with appropriate extension for Typo. This extension 
has an option to display random images. So I did new page put plugin and 
configure it to display random images and then:

subparts.randomimage < styles.content.get
subparts.randomimage.select.pidInList = 5

Did the trick. Thanks once again :)

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