[TYPO3] News categories when TV is using the General Record Storage page

S. Teuber traveler_in_time at gmx.net
Fri Nov 2 17:23:22 CET 2007


>>> The problem is that TV has already booked the General Record Storage
>>> page that is needed for the news categories.
> The Problem with the concept of a "General Record Storage Page" is,
> that the user will be forced to put all the records of different
> extensions into this one page only.

I agree. The fact that I need to mix TV records and tt_news records 
bothered me, too. :-P

> So in this case you can't have both TV and tt_news categories.

Actually, you can. 

1. Go to the extension manager, click on tt_news, and change the setting 
"Use General record storage page [useStoragePid]" to 0 (uncheck the 
checkbox, then click "Update"). 

2. Create a sysfolder, make it a news-folder (by setting 'contains 
plugin'), and put your categories and news there.

3. In your TypoScript-template, insert:
   CONSTANTS: const.pages.news = [id of the sysfolder created in step 2]
   SETUP: plugin.tt_news.pid_list = {$const.pages.news}

This will work fine as long as you do not have multiple sites in one 
TYPO3 installations that shall not see each others categories.

BTW, it's all in the manual. ;)


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