[TYPO3] Send mail to all FE-users after change to site?

Olivier Dobberkau olivier.dobberkau at dkd.de
Sun Jul 22 10:44:13 CEST 2007

H.E.Weenink | Aristo WebDesign schrieb:

> Thanks Christopher , 
> I see I have to be more precise on this: 
> Directmail has to be fired manually or by cron. What I need is firing when
> "changes have been done". 
> Directmail could be OK as "message carrier and to point too FE-groups" 
> It is the firing part what I am looking an answer for. 
> Regards, Eef 


We have created a Extension to tt_news and DirectMail, so that 
DirectMail sends the News once they have been tagged as "to be sent".

DirectMail has a possiblity to create the Sendobject without manual 
interaction. Thus you will need to create an extension that creates that 

An other option would be to user FEuser Track...



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