[TYPO3] startdate and enddate checkboxes Issue

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Fri Jul 20 18:14:28 CEST 2007

Saurabh Pareek wrote:
> In BE of one of the Typo3 sites, I found an strange error like whenever 
> I create a new page or page content, the "startdate" and "enddate" 
> checkboxes get automatically checked and the date showing in both input 
> boxes is 31-12-1969 which should not be the case. Why is it so? How is 
> it possible to uncheck the checkboxes and/or how is it possible to 
> change this date to the current date? Any clue ?

Possibly there is a TSConfig option that sets these fields to something 
automatically and that value us wrong, so it turns to integer 0, which 
corrsponds to Dec 31, 1969.

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