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Mon Jul 2 17:45:05 CEST 2007

therefor we got other events.

But to show you that your estimation about Kaspers reasons to setup this 
conference is not just slightly wrong I recommend reading the following 

And to clarify some other points:
1.) Milchmädchenrechnung: As I already pointed out, people have certain 
expectations when they pay those high fees. Even the OSCON is always located 
at one of the most expensive hotels in town just because more people will 
come and pay. Tim O'reilly said: It's about those guys in the T-Shirts 
entering the places they were never allowed to see from the inside before 
... - Many people like that, and they pay for it.
2.) I said: Most of the core developers are living in countries with high 
wages so they definitely need more money than a low paid worker in Thailand. 
And this has absolutely nothing to do with the price they would have to pay 
for the conference, but with the money the conference will earn for them, so 
that some features and bugfixes can be sponsored. If you want to sponsor a 
German developer you will definitely have to pay him more money than for 
another guy from i.e. Thailand. Since most of the core developers are living 
in countries with higher wages, you need more money for sponsoring.

Let's stop here for now and start again later with a new thread about 
T3DIVE, since this would be a very interesting event for me ...


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