[TYPO3] T3CON07 pricing and people from low payed countries..

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Fri Jul 13 04:37:25 CEST 2007

Hi Tania, Virgil, Ries and all others from low paid countries

This is what the conference Page shows from Typo3.org

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SPECIAL rates at Queens hotel

We managed to arrange a special conference rate at the queens hotel. If you
order by the 12th of September and tell them that you will be attending the
"TYPO3 conference" (sometimes they refer to it as the "punkt.de event"), you
get a special rate during the conference.

There are so many BIG TYPO3 Companies out there why don't you start
supporting TYPO3???
Since the site is on we still only see punkt.de (who is the hoster of
typo3.org andand the conference website ;-))

We have the chance to host BoF (birds of a feather) sessions with up to 70
> people. What you will get is a room with a projector (beamer) -- no more and
> no less. For a BoF please contact us using the BoF form. We will try to give
> everybody a chance but cannot guarantee it. We will also put up a schedule
> with the BoF sessions here. BoF sessions will be held Friday and Saturday
> only.

You are able to sponsor special rooms, and lots of equipment
- or are you charging for those BoFs too. Why don't start to support
those people who keep TYPO3 on an going and initate TYPO3 in other
Please don' concentrate only on Germany and its high wages! As you can see
here in this posts there are a lot of Initiatives from around the world with
even CORE Memebers who won't be able to visit the conference because of
those stupid high prices. There is absolutly NO need to hold conferences in
FIRST CLASS Locations. Karlsruhe has very nice other and much cheaper
conference locations. we used them very often in former time with our Square
Dancing Events and Classes. You can fit more people in there, people,people
who can't afford a hotel can sleep in a hall for FREE or a very low price -
even cheaper then youth hostels, as youth hostels are quite expensive too

The attendance of the conference shouldn't be annother control instrument to
secure his own interests - NO LOW PAID WORKERS - NO OUTSOURCING - DON'T
like this since many years!

A small group (measured on the group of the whole community) of people tries
to control TYPO3 for their interests.

We had a similar discussion months ago as people where discussing the
certification process. Also here until NOW no reaction about how to get
people from low paid countries certified if they can't pay so much for the
certification process. Are you so afraid about those qualified Developers
outside of Germany that you need such a policy? Wouldn't it be much better
to work together with those people and share the benefits in a GLOBAL
Community. Why are nearly all people in Germany only looking for money money
money and on the other Hand you book most expensive locations and hotels for
events - WHY? There is really no need to feed those who already get feeded
more and more!

What about setting up the rates depending on the BSP.
German Developers pay i.e. 700 Euro
Ecuador Developers pay i.e. 150 Euro
India Developers pay i.e. 180 Euro

The Conference Prices shoud include a location to stay for those people and
if they wanna have a better place to stay they have to pay by themselves.
Working in the tourism business shows you that you can get excellent price
rates even in best hotels if the ORGANISER is doining the BOOKING for all!

This would be really fair! On the one hand you give special prices for
students and many students run their own companies with good inome beside
studying as you know on the other you don't give those a chance who make
TYPO3 popular around the world.

Come on BIG 13 show that you are interested in the Global Community! Put
your Banners up - set up a fond - book a cheap but clean location, organise
a shuttle service and sponsor conference-visitor living and working from
lowpaid countries! By the way this could be your chance to start your own
expansion around the globe with your company. Take an example on Ries who is
already sponsoring even he is working from a low paid country to make TYPO3
more popular!


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