[TYPO3] RealURL problem

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Wed Jul 11 12:15:24 CEST 2007

Hi Dimitry

About 20 Hours ago you wrote:

> Well, I created my first RealURl config for a multidomain (7 total)
> sites with 3 languages in approxinately 15 minutea after reading realurl
> manual and looking to example from news.typo3.org . I was not familar
> with realurl at that moment. I do not know why others cannot do it. I
> could :)

Provide a good  Manual and a good Tutorial step by step for Real URL and
then people will also be  happy with RealURL but as long as this list needs
about 10 new posts a day about RealURL something seems to be wrong. Either
with the outdated manual or the existing tutorials OR we are all people who
can't read!

As I said. Invest your time in TemplaVoila as here you are doing a really
Great Job and this is really appreciated but don't guard realUrl
which is simply to buggy as you wrote by yourself 20 Hours ago!

> RealURL has mostly bugs, no new features asked. Bugs are waiting for my
> free time because I also have to code for life. I could spend more time
> on it when it was my hobby but now it is my life. But if someone
> sponsors the issue, I can fix it really quick.

I see every day the long list of RealURL Problems and can imagine how much
work ist is for you to fix all those problems. As You wrote you are solving
MOSTLY REALURL BUGS and NO FEATURES. There is probably simply no time to
think about new features. or and people get stuck in there "bugs" with
realUrl too, so they would be happy to have only an UNBUGGY Version up and

Don't guard RealURL as a golden calf which isn't allowed to be touched by
Question: Have you ever used CoolUri - have you ever tried it? If not then I
ask you what you are talking about without trying alternatives and
qualifying people who talk about a better solution as Spammers. Only today
about 5 people contact me who want to try cooluri - and 4 of them didn't
came from the mailinglist but they heard from others about it and found our

Tell People why RealURL is a right and better benefit then CoolUri - what
would you write: It has more bugs then CoolUri? You are investing your time
in solving Bugs of RealUrl instead of thinking of integrating new features
or do some performance improovements? I don't hope so. Don't be so angry
about CoolUri and people promoting it as it will change the way TYPO3 doing
and using Rewrites! The future of TYPO3 is PHP5 and COOLURI and TEMPLAVOILA
you will see and you will be part of it with all the work you are doing for

Try CoolUri, Test it and then tell us your opinion.


2007/7/11, Dmitry Dulepov <dmitry at typo3.org>:
> Andreas Becker wrote:
> > Hi Dimitry I am providing professional help for people who want to
> rewrite
> > their URLs. If they have problems they can use Real URL OR Cooluri
> >
> > Many don't know that there is probably a solution for their Problems. As
> I
> > see in your post I see no help either. You were the one telling people
> it
> > will take only 15 Minutes to install realURL with all its features. No
> > proof
> > your testimony and tell this poor guy who is using RealURL how to solve
> his
> > problem.
> Firsts, I never wrote that I could install realurl with all its features
> in 15 minutes. This is completely your invention. I said different thing
> that you did not bother to read carefully.
> Secondly, I replied not to message about realurl but to your another
> spam about cooluri. Recently you started to reply to specific question
> with totally unrelated answer and many people already asked you to stop
> spamming. This is *not* professional help, this is spamming. If you
> could answer specific question, this would be good. If you cannot - do
> not spam!
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