Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Wed Jul 11 09:39:51 CEST 2007

Hi Oleg

I am just trying to get the solution with TS working

You are talking about 3 problems:
> 1) can't switch direction from CSS

direction:rtl  is  HTML and not  CSS! I ment the direction  and
unicode-bidi  CSS codes which aren't available right now as they are CSS2

2) can't use TV to create language-dependant content elements

This would great as you could also use Language dependant Backgrounds. I.e.
Companies who advertise in US or in Iraq or in China will always use
different Images and Look and feel. Making TemplaVoila depending on the
language settings would be a very great help for this.

Especially as some languages need less or even much more space to show  the
same (but translated) content.

3) can't change <body> tag.

I am just trying and hope it is working. This way people don't need to worry
at all about RL or LR as the code would make the flipping of the Layout.
Fine  And all Templates could have still there flexible columns with one and
the same Template but different Mappings like right now.

Thanks to Christopher and You for your great support

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