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Hi Andreas,

You are talking about 3 problems:

1) can't switch direction from CSS

2) can't use TV to create language-dependant content elements

3) can't change <body> tag.

I do not know about 2), may be Dmitry will be able to help you here. See 
Christian's excellent answer for the solution of 3), he also listed all 
necessary changes in HTML.

Andreas Becker wrote:

> The other Problem is that with CSS you could do all the switching, but
> unfortunately CSS1 won't allow to switch writing directions This you have to
> do with HTML.
> The CSS
> unicode-bidi
> direction
> isn't available in the browsers That's the main Problem 

About 1) and CSS problem I wonder what browser you are talking about 
that do not support direction:rtl attribute. Opera started to support 
RTL from late version 7, IE - from version 5, mozilla, safari, konq 
support it a few years already. Only some (not all) cellular phones are 
giving errors in RTL screens, mostly because of invalid implementation 
from the vendor, but I suppose you don;'t need TV to create a cellular 
portal :)

In my practice (I'm building hebrew sites), giving * {direction:rtl; } 
or html { direction:rtl; } is sufficient. You can add 
'text-align:right', but this is rare needed. For input fields with 
numbers and emails you have to set {direction:ltr; languge:en; 
text-align:left} to make them behave correctly in

> Have you ever tried to get i.e. arabic and english working in a onetree
> setting? including a switching template? I am still searching for TYPO3
> People who build Pages in Arabic and Hebrew using TYPO 3 to learn from them.
Yes I did that with Template Selector extension.

> We only would need some kind of DIRECTION identifier for each language and
> then the right template for this direction could be chosen even in a one
> Tree Setting. Is this possible? Can this be added - if yes HOW?
Why not to use L variable as direction idenfier?
> Andi

> 2007/7/11, Oleg Sverdlov < oleg at ols.co.il>:
>> Did you try to add direction-dependant stylesheets via TS conditions?
>> [globalVar = GP:L=1]
>> config.language = he
>> . .....
>> page.includeCSS.file2 = {$your.skinpath}/hebrew.css
>> [end]
>> do all right-to-left overriding in one CSS file.
>> Andreas Becker wrote:
>>> Right-to-Left and Left-to-Right languages
>>> in the same Tree
>>> on the same Page (but other translation)
>>> Andi

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