[TYPO3] Multilingual Tmenu with flags of each translation

Fred hamel at urbansecurity.org
Wed Jul 4 15:11:50 CEST 2007


I have a multi-lingual site on 5 languages, the Kasper's selector works 
very well but I want to do something a bit different : to put a selector 
for each item, that means this kind of menu :

Firs Level
     |_ Second Level
          |__ [GB][FR]First article
          |__ [GB][IT][FR]Second article
          |__ [GB]Third article
 and so on

That's my TS menu

temp.menu_2 = HMENU
temp.menu_2.entryLevel = 2
 # First level menu-object, textual
temp.menu_2.1 = TMENU
temp.menu_2.1 {
   # Normal state properties
 NO.allWrap = <tr><td class="menu_2_lvl_1"> | </td></tr>
 # Second level menu-object, textual
temp.menu_2.2 = TMENU
temp.menu_2.2 {
   # Normal state properties
 NO.linkWrap = <td class="menu_2_lvl_2_no"> | </td>
 NO.allWrap = <tr class="toto">|</tr>
   # Enable active state and set properties:
 ACT = 1
 ACT.allWrap = <tr><td class="menu_2_lvl_2_ac"> | </td></tr>

I'm trying to put Kasper's selector in it but I can't find out how to do it.
Does anyone have an idea ? I'd be very greatfull.

Thanx !

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