[TYPO3] Question about Glossary extension

Violeta Carlos carlos_vio at gva.es
Wed Jul 4 14:15:15 CEST 2007

I'm using the Glossary extension. It works fine, but I have a question. 
How can I display the result of the ABC search in another window?
I mean: when you click a letter, instead of display the result in the 
same window, display it in another.
I think I have to change something in this part of the code:
tx_sgglossary_entries.search {
    abc.label = ABC
        abc {
            wrapAll = |
            index = 
            indexWrapFirst =  |
            indexWrapOther =   |
            indexWrapHidden =    |
            indexWrapAllItem = |  
                        indexHasAllItem = 1
            indexHasHiddenItem = 1
            indexWrapActiv = <b> | </b>
                        indexATagParams = target = _blank

I tried with this sentence:
         indexATagParams = target = _blank
It doesn't work, but I think is something like that.

Can anyone help me, pleeeease?

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