[TYPO3] iPhone Appears to Work in BE

Fabian Koenig koenig at bluhouse.de
Mon Jul 2 17:35:24 CEST 2007

Jan Wischnat.de schrieb:
> Eric Blom wrote:
>> In case anyone was wondering Apple's new iPhone appears to work just
>> fine with the TYPO3 back end. The rich text editor does not work, but,
>> everything else seemed okay. Of course the editing fields were very small.
> That's good to know, thanks.
> Yesterday i accessed my TYPO3 BE with the nintendo wii (opera powered).
> It worked. No RTE, but all the rest worked fine :-)
> My 2ct
> Jan

I want an iPhone, too *cry*
But germany is very lame with shipping -.-
They'll sell it first at the end of the year. Damn *cry*

One little question:
Why should anyone work @typo3-be with a wii? :-D

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