[TYPO3] Seperate language forms for non-fce pages in templavoila?

Eef Weenink h.e.weenink at aristo-webdesign.nl
Sun Apr 29 10:24:30 CEST 2007

Hello Peter, 

Long quest, but if I understand this correct, this is what you need:

In the BackEnd a language switch (like in Frontend) so you see and edit only
ONE language at the time? 

As a matter of fact, I have no idea how to do that now, but there is surely
one who is able to do this for you:
Tapio Markula did very good things with re-ordening front-end editing and
also with re-ordening of the 
Web | Page design. He made some extensions for that kind of things. 

Give him a message. He might be interested to solve this one. 

Regards, Eef  

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|Onderwerp: [TYPO3] Seperate language forms for non-fce pages 
|in templavoila?
|Ok, I know this is a widely discussed topic, but I've run into 
|an issue 
|with TemplaVoila on a multilanguage site.
|Technically, I can make it work and everything's fine with the site. I 
|fully understand the localization document, and everything is 
|working as 
|documented. This is my 8th or so Typo3/TV site, and the 3rd in which 
|I've used multilanguage.
|However, it's the 1st multilanguage site I've done that 
|doesn't use FCEs.
|The site editors are having a really hard time with it.
|Let's take for example a very simple page; it has one single 
|RTE in the 
|flex-form. On a page in 5 languages, this is 5 RTEs the user 
|has to deal 
|with (assuming they have permissions for all languages, which some of 
|them do).
|Let's take a more complex page. Again, no FCEs as the site design and 
|the type of content is rigid for almost all pages. With all these 
|elements, it makes for a very long page when editing.
|I've been asked to find a way of allowing users to edit a single 
|language at a time, but have the ability to edit any language they 
|choose. From what I've read, this is not possible without 
|using FCEs, is 
|this correct? If so, is there a way to force use of a single FCE of a 
|single type (pointless for the front-end, this would simply give the 
|functionality required in the back-end)?
|Users also seem to be having difficulty with the concept that 
|they can't 
|browse the site in the back-end in a selected langage using "show page 
|language version" under "Localization view" and then edit content in 
|that language by clicking the "edit" icon - they get only the 
|language" form. It is frustrating to them to have to switch to the 
|default language, edit, and then return to the language they 
|were viewing.
|Again, from what I understand it is not possible for the user to edit 
|the content without switching to the default language first, 
|unless FCEs 
|are used, is this correct? In which case, same question as above would 
|Apologies if I'm covering old ground; I've read through many 
|threads on 
|TV/Localization but they seem to center more on getting it 
|working than 
|usability in the back-end.
|Kind regards,
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