[TYPO3] Seperate language forms for non-fce pages in templavoila?

Peter typo3 at peter-b.org
Sun Apr 29 09:55:09 CEST 2007

Ok, I know this is a widely discussed topic, but I've run into an issue 
with TemplaVoila on a multilanguage site.

Technically, I can make it work and everything's fine with the site. I 
fully understand the localization document, and everything is working as 
documented. This is my 8th or so Typo3/TV site, and the 3rd in which 
I've used multilanguage.

However, it's the 1st multilanguage site I've done that doesn't use FCEs.

The site editors are having a really hard time with it.

Let's take for example a very simple page; it has one single RTE in the 
flex-form. On a page in 5 languages, this is 5 RTEs the user has to deal 
with (assuming they have permissions for all languages, which some of 
them do).

Let's take a more complex page. Again, no FCEs as the site design and 
the type of content is rigid for almost all pages. With all these 
elements, it makes for a very long page when editing.

I've been asked to find a way of allowing users to edit a single 
language at a time, but have the ability to edit any language they 
choose. From what I've read, this is not possible without using FCEs, is 
this correct? If so, is there a way to force use of a single FCE of a 
single type (pointless for the front-end, this would simply give the 
functionality required in the back-end)?

Users also seem to be having difficulty with the concept that they can't 
browse the site in the back-end in a selected langage using "show page 
language version" under "Localization view" and then edit content in 
that language by clicking the "edit" icon - they get only the "alternate 
language" form. It is frustrating to them to have to switch to the 
default language, edit, and then return to the language they were viewing.

Again, from what I understand it is not possible for the user to edit 
the content without switching to the default language first, unless FCEs 
are used, is this correct? In which case, same question as above would 

Apologies if I'm covering old ground; I've read through many threads on 
TV/Localization but they seem to center more on getting it working than 
usability in the back-end.

Kind regards,


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