[TYPO3] How to insert a copy of tt_content (content element) in frontend using typoscript or php

Anders Tillbeck at at opengate.dk
Fri Apr 27 13:33:26 CEST 2007

Thanks for the tips.
I can see how it can all be done keeping all users as fe_users.

But I will post my findings on sticking to use be_users. It is possible 
I found out. But it has to be implemented as a work a'round since 
be_user have there access controll set on pages and not on content 
elements (this was kindly clarified by Mathias Schreiber earlier in this 

It has to be done this way:
1) Create your users as be_users and put them all in a group (grp_all)
2) Create a page (page_admin) for the admin to contain static content 
elements. The be_users in grp_all may not edit this page
3) Create a page (page_be_user) for each be_user and grant the 
correspongin be_user ownership of that page
4) create ordinary pages (pages_web) in the menustructure for all 
visitors to see. Grant he group grp_all access to edit these pages.
5) Create all content elements in the page_admin and insert them as 
references into the pages called pages_web.
6) Where special be_user specifik content elements should be show insert 
references to any element on page_be_user. This could be an extension 
inserting the any content element from any be_users that the website 
visitor chooses to view.
7) If set up correctly than all pages you can see in the frontend 
(pages_web) will have no content elements on them but only references to 
content elements places on page_admin and any of the page_be_user
8) Now let your be_users log into edit the site. They will only see 
"pencils" (in other words: be able to edit) the content elements that 
actually is references to their respective page_be_user.

Now I just need to know how to create a correct entry in the tt_content 
plus how to display a tt_content element on a page when knowing the uid 
of the content element. I will ask this question in a new thread.

BR. Anders

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