[TYPO3] setting paragraph color in rtehtmlarea within a TemplaVoila FCE

Benjamin Harwell ben at benjaminharwell.com
Thu Apr 26 21:29:00 CEST 2007


Hopefully that subject lines makes sense to someone. Here is the issue: I
can limit colors that all users can select from in the RTE by using the
standard typoscript setup of


    name = Blue
    value = #3876a1
RTE.default.colors = color1

This works fine for things like Text, Text w/image. However, when I set up
an FCE with a RTE for bodytext field it will not keep the applied style
attribute on the paragraph tag. I've added this into my site template:

    hr.allowedAttribs = class
    span.fixAttrib.style.unset >
    span.allowedAttribs = class
    p.fixAttrib.align.unset >
    div.fixAttrib.align.unset >
    p.allowedAttribs = class,style,align

I pulled that from my "RTE.default.proc" setup. So I'm hoping someone has
seen this before? Or, point me in the right direction if you know it. Thanks
for any guidance.

-Ben Harwell

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