[TYPO3] Invitations in sr_feuser_register

Lewis Jones lewis.jones at reap.asn.au
Wed Apr 25 17:48:32 CEST 2007

Hi Folks,

I've been happily running sr_feuser_register for a year or so in
self-registration mode, but now want to add the invitation
functionality.  I've 'set it up' as per the manual, but it's not going
very smoothly.

I'm aware of the discussion that took place here about two years ago
regarding the (apparent) impossibility of using the same TS template for
'create' and 'invite' pages at the same time.  Solution: use an
extension template.

Also, as per two years ago, the second template isn't fixing another
issue, which is that when:

a. I create the invitation while logged into front end:
the invitation e-mail contains the base url only rather than the full
registration url.

b. I create the invitation while _not_ logged into front end:
the invitation e-mail contains the full, correct url.

I only seem to be able to create useful invitations as an anonymous

Further, I have two 'in principle' questions regarding using invitations
in sr_feuser_register.

1. The documentation says:
a. 'The extension may also be configured so that a back end user can
create an account for another person and send an invitation to

b. 'Create a page, limiting access to this page to Backend users who
will be authorized to send invitations to register. Insert the Front End
User Registration extension, setting the display mode Invite (or CODE to
INVITE) and the Starting Point to the System Folder that will contain
the front end user records created.'

The question is this: 
Does it really mean that the back end user will create the invitation?
It seems to me the only way to create invitations is through the front
end, but if it is a front end activity and therefore affected by front
end user login rather than backend, how are backend user access issues
related to invitations?

2. Why do we not create a confirmation, 'empty' code, page, as well as
an 'invite' page, as we do for the self-registration process, and what
are the implications for confirmInvitationPID, which is explicitly
described as the 'confirmation page (or setfixed page!) when replying to
an invitation'?

Don't be gentle, just tell me what I need to know!

Thanks in advance,

Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
Evangelising the Australian Academy
(02) 9697-2397

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