[TYPO3] Invitations in sr_feuser_register

Anders Tillbeck at at opengate.dk
Sat Apr 28 00:20:16 CEST 2007

> b. 'Create a page, limiting access to this page to Backend users who
> will be authorized to send invitations to register. Insert the Front End
> User Registration extension, setting the display mode Invite (or CODE to
> INVITE) and the Starting Point to the System Folder that will contain
> the front end user records created.'
> The question is this: 
> Does it really mean that the back end user will create the invitation?
> It seems to me the only way to create invitations is through the front
> end, but if it is a front end activity and therefore affected by front
> end user login rather than backend, how are backend user access issues
> related to invitations?

I can answer this one. I guess there is an error in the documentation. I 
have set it up on a couple of sites and it is the allowed frontend users 
that are doing the invitations.
  - and it works really well :-)

BR. Anders

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