[TYPO3] Single sign on for other applications

Peter Guhl peter.guhl at win-lux.ch
Tue Apr 24 17:58:18 CEST 2007

Hello all

I have some sort of single sign on in mind. People authenticate at typo3 
and get access to demo installations of (to date) gallery, phpBB, 
vtiger, egroupware and xt:commerce (quite possible that there will be 
more in the future).

I already found phpbb_auth and I know Gallery has an API for such things 
(I already used it in another project). I am sure it would be possible 
to build extensions for the other applications too. But for me it seems 
too complicated to handle them one by one since I don't need high 
security and for demos it's better to show them the original login too.

I am planning to put all those installations behind Apache basic 
authentication. Then I only need an automated way to keep the 
.htpasswd-file in sync with the FE-Users customers create themselves 
using feuser_admin. Yet I was unable to find a suitable extension. Do 
you know more?

If I need to create something myself I will probably extend 
feuser_admin, making it write a .htpasswd after each change.


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