[TYPO3] Trouble with 4.1, xhtml and validator.w3.org

Peter Guhl peter.guhl at win-lux.ch
Tue Apr 24 11:08:06 CEST 2007


Christopher Torgalson schrieb:
> On 4/23/07, Peter Guhl <peter.guhl at win-lux.ch> wrote:
>> JoH asenau schrieb:
>> >>>> My typo3-Website (4.1) is set to xhtml 1.0 transitional. But the
>> >> [...]
>> >>>> --> it's wrapping the <h1>-tag into a span. There aren't many tags
>> >>>> the validator likes to seen in a span - even more in xhtml.
>> >>> Well - usually the wrap around headers already _is_ a <div> and it
>> >>> is set here
>> >>>
>> >>> lib.stdheader.stdWrap.dataWrap = <div class="csc-header
>> >>> csc-header-n{cObj:parentRecordNumber}">|</div>
>> [...]
>> > I bet it's the "Accessible Content" extension that changes the 
>> default wrap
>> No, according to the Typo Script Object Browser it's css_styled_content
>> defining lib.stdheader.stdWrap.dataWrap = <span class="csc-header
>> csc-header-n{cObj:parentRecordNumber}">|</span>
> No, it's /not/ css styled content--unless you have altered the
> static/setup.txt file in the extension directory. 

/typo3_src-4.1/typo3/sysext/css_styled_content/static/setup.txt sais 
stdWrap.dataWrap = <div class="csc-header 
csc-header-n{cObj:parentRecordNumber}">|</div> - therefore it's OK.

> Just checking in the
> TSob can't tell you this. If you try the template analyzer instead,
> you can see that there is only one occurrence of 'csc-header-n', and
> it looks like this:
> stdWrap.dataWrap = <div class="csc-header
> csc-header-n{cObj:parentRecordNumber}">|</div>

That's true

> If another extension were to come along and overwrite the line above
> with a span instead, you'd have no good way (from the TSob alone) to
> tell which extension had done it.

Apparently. All I can say now (after I changed to the div-tag) is that I 
had who lines at the end of my standard template. One wrong, one right. 
I do not remember that I typed in the wrong one; where the right one is 
coming from is clear; that was the change made in the Object Browser.

>> Version 0.3.1 or if I somehow managed to break it. 

If I remove both lines everything is OK too. Therefore that span somehow 
made it into my root template long ago by accident. I wonder how... but 
it's hardly possible to find out.

>> For example by
>> accidentally installing an old version of "Accessible Content" and
>> updating it later on. 


> This is still your most likely suspect.

Is it possible that installing an extension adds a line to the TS-Setup 
of the first template? I never programmed an extension yet, but I don't 
think I would do this. It does not look like a good place for that...


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