[TYPO3] One tree Language basic Question

Unai Aizpurua unai at alambre.net
Tue Apr 24 11:02:31 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I have a basic question about one-tree usage of languages.
I allways used the default language and primary language of the web, 
and created elements of other languages in the translation on the page, 
 until the latest version of typo3 (4.1), everything gone fine.

Now I'm working on a page, made the first language (spanish) and his 
elements in the default language the web looks fine.
Today I started creating other languages (french, english and basque)
· adding the languages in root
· creating alternative pages for the languages

Everything I configure in the TS gone right too.

But when I wanted to create a content in other language, I select (Show 
page language version: english) (Display mode: Only localized 
elements). And I see the default language elements and buttons to 
create (a copy for translation(english)).

What must I do????

- Can i create a new content elment in this language only?
- If i use "copy for translation" I see only the default language version.

I think that is something easy, but what is it?

Can someone help?

Thanks in advance!!

Unai Aizpurua
Alambre Estudo

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