[TYPO3] unidetified "mail form" emails ?!? Big puzzle

Alper Odabasioglu unutma at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 20 19:02:11 CEST 2007

Hi Everybody,

I am against a very weird situation. I recieve spam mails and they "seem to 
be" coming through a mailform content element on one page of our website. I 
say "seem to be", because they really looks like, by means of formatting & 
content to this malform content emails, however not exactly: the subject is 
"hello" and the content(the fields of the form) is not exactly the same. 
First I thought it might be because a spam bot is using an old version of 
that "mail form" which somehow remained at the website, so scanned the 
"tt_content" table (hidden, deleted whatever all the possible content 
element types), however there is no such a "mailform" at our website. Then I 
thought that maybe this spam email coming is not related with the website at 
all, but just a same looking one and checked the "message details", however 
it really looks like it comes from our website(Php-Mailer and the host of my 
webserver is there). I got really confused, Any ideas?

by the way is there a log somewhere, where I can check the forms filled and 
sent through our website?

Alper Odabasioglu

En etkili ve güvenilir PC Korumayi tercih edin, rahat edin! 

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