[TYPO3] how to upgrade system extension rtehtmlarea? (urgent)

Bing Du bdu at iastate.edu
Wed Apr 18 20:09:36 CEST 2007

> Bing Du kirjoitti:
>>> Bing Du kirjoitti:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Typo3 4.0.6.
>>>>> rtehtmlarea 1.3.9 (system)
>>>>> I'm trying to upgrade rtehtmlarea to the latest version 1.4.4.  1.4.2
>>>>> is
>>>>> the latest version of rtehtmlarea in TER.  I downloaded the 1.4.4
>>>>> rtehtmlarea t3x file from typo3.org.  But in the extension manager,
>>>>> there
>>>>> are only two options  for uploading, one is upload to typo3/ext as
>>>>> global
>>>>> ext and the other one is upload to typo3conf/ext as local.  How
>>>>> should
>>>>> I
>>>>> overwrite the rtehtmlarea in typo3/sysext with the new version?
>>>>> Thanks in advance for any help,
>>>>> Bing
>>>>> _______________________________________________
>>>> Can I install it as local and then manually move the whole rtehtmlarea
>>>> directory to typo3/sysext?
>>>> Bing
>>> change configurations using the install tool
>>> and you can update system plugins.
>> What should I change in the install tool?
> I don't remember, but I you choose all configurations
> and go through thorought there is an option to enable
> update system plugins.
>  >Should I clear some cache?
> backenc cache (typo3conf)
> _______________________________________________

You mean this one in the install tool?

If set, you can install extensions in the sysext/ dir. Use this to upgrade
the 'cms' and 'lang' extensions.

But that seems to only apply to 'cms' and 'lang'?


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