[TYPO3] how to upgrade system extension rtehtmlarea? (urgent)

Bing Du bdu at iastate.edu
Wed Apr 18 20:48:07 CEST 2007

>> Bing Du kirjoitti:
>>>> Bing Du kirjoitti:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> Typo3 4.0.6.
>>>>>> rtehtmlarea 1.3.9 (system)
>>>>>> I'm trying to upgrade rtehtmlarea to the latest version 1.4.4.
>>>>>> 1.4.2
>>>>>> is
>>>>>> the latest version of rtehtmlarea in TER.  I downloaded the 1.4.4
>>>>>> rtehtmlarea t3x file from typo3.org.  But in the extension manager,
>>>>>> there
>>>>>> are only two options  for uploading, one is upload to typo3/ext as
>>>>>> global
>>>>>> ext and the other one is upload to typo3conf/ext as local.  How
>>>>>> should
>>>>>> I
>>>>>> overwrite the rtehtmlarea in typo3/sysext with the new version?
>>>>>> Thanks in advance for any help,
>>>>>> Bing
>>>>>> _______________________________________________
>>>>> Can I install it as local and then manually move the whole
>>>>> rtehtmlarea
>>>>> directory to typo3/sysext?
>>>>> Bing
>>>> change configurations using the install tool
>>>> and you can update system plugins.
>>> What should I change in the install tool?
>> I don't remember, but I you choose all configurations
>> and go through thorought there is an option to enable
>> update system plugins.
>>  >Should I clear some cache?
>> backenc cache (typo3conf)
>> _______________________________________________
> You mean this one in the install tool?
> [allowSystemInstall]
> If set, you can install extensions in the sysext/ dir. Use this to upgrade
> the 'cms' and 'lang' extensions.
> But that seems to only apply to 'cms' and 'lang'?
> Bing

I didn't do anything in the install tool.  After I commented out
'rtehtmlarea' in localconf.php file, deleted all the temp_* files in
typo3conf/ directory.  Now all the sites are back up and the back end
works again now.  I installed the rtehtmlarea 1.4.4 as local ext. at first
in the EM.  Then moved the typo3conf/ext/rtehtmlarea to
typo3/sysext/rtehtmlarea.  It shows up as system extension of version

However when I created a web link, I got a popup window that has a very
long message:

Error in init.php: Path to TYPO3 main dir could not be resolved correctly.

This happens if the last 6 characters of this path,
/var/www/html/cms/typo3/sysext/rtehtmlarea/mod3/, (\$temp_path) is NOT
"typo3/" for some reason.
You may have a strange server configuration. Or maybe you didn't set
constant TYPO3_MOD_PATH in your module?
If you expect any help from anybody on this issue, you should save this
page as an html document and send it along with your request for help!

    [TYPO3_OS] =>
    [PATH_thisScript] =>
    [php_sapi_name()] => apache2handler
    [TYPO3_MOD_PATH] => ../typo3conf/ext/rtehtmlarea/mod3/

After that message, phpinfo shows up.

Anybody has any clues what that error is about?  How should I fix?



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