[TYPO3] master css class list for css_styled_content

Zachary Denison zacharydenison at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 02:54:36 CEST 2007


I am using typo3 4.1 with css_styled_content.   I was looking to
customize the css for content elements for my site, so I looked at the
example file and example outlines file.  The problem that I have is
that my Content Elements are being rendered with classes that dont
exist in the example.css file.  For example my content renders as:

<div class="csc-header csc-header-n1">
            <h1 class="csc-firstHeader">Why Hire Us?</h1>
          </div><!--  Header: [end] -->
          <!--  Image block: [begin] -->

          <div class="csc-textpic csc-textpic-intext-right">
            <div class="csc-textpic-imagewrap">
              <dl class="csc-textpic-image csc-textpic-firstcol

In the example.css I don't see any styles defined for csc-header,
csc-header-n1 or basically any of these above.   Furthermore, I have
grepped my entire typo3 installation for those strings and do not see
where they are defined.    My question is where are these styles
defined by default? The issue is I dont know all the possible classes
available, so if I want to type out a css from scratch I wouldn't know
all the class names to put.  If there is no master css file for this,
is there a list of all possible  content-rendering classes somewhere?

Thank you very much.


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