[TYPO3] problem in caching of the page?

Gian Paolo Renello grenello at unisa.it
Thu Apr 12 10:57:57 CEST 2007


 I try to repost the problem i have, hoping someone can give me an help
for a solution:

Well, if i visit my page as a guest (www.neoarcadia.eu) i can see
normally the homepage. When i click on another page no matter which
one i see on the left some writing from a the script of the site.
If i try to see the site map i get a blank page.
If i return to the homepage i still see the page normally. But it is
the only one

Now, if i enter as bakend admin and then i reopen in another window
the site i can see in my page also the admin panel. If i click on
any page i still get the same problem but if i click on the update
button of the admin panel all works perfectly. This is true for every
page i click:
i have to click the admin panel to get it normal.
Looks like is a problem of caching page but i am not sure.

I am using typo3 4.1.1.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


Gian Paolo Renello 

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