[TYPO3] Ext FE Plugin Shop System CSS

Tom Coady tom.coady at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 12:00:37 CEST 2007

Hi Vikram

Sorry, for some reason I'm not receiving anything from the netfielders
list so I am pasting your reply here.
I did edit the html template file of the extension but it did not
appear to make any difference.

When I go to extension manager I see Frontend and Frontend plugins.
In frontend there's CSS styled content
In Frontend plugins shopsystem does not seem to have any reference to
css so I assume its CSS styled content.
I changed p.bodytext somewhere but I can't find it now.

The html shows:
     <td valign=top width="300" align="left" nowrap>
         <div>Sugar free fruit jellies, 195g</div> <div>price:&pound;
4.50</div> <div></div>
      <td width="75">
        <p align="right">Qty <input size="3" maxlength="4" type="text"
name="recs[tt_products][825]22" value=""></p>

so I don't know which element should get the styling here.

Hi Tom,

Did you make the changes to the html template files of the extension?


FiveE Technologies.

Tom Coady wrote:
>* Hello
*>* I am trying to work out how to change the styling on the products listed
*>* on,
*>* for example, http://www.rococochocolates.com/sfsweets.html
*>* I have looked in the extension manager but cannot find anything that will
*>* make any changes :(
*>* Hopefully the answer is simple...
*>* TIA
*>* Tom*

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