[TYPO3] On diff patches again - comments

Andreas Koppa akoppa at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 21:01:34 CEST 2007

Hello Martin,

> I don't really see the relationship between "keeping it simple" and
> offering a multitude of upgrade options??

You are suggesting multitude of upgrade options, not me.

> Besides, people have all kinds of Typo3 versions installed. Are you
> asking the team to make one package for each 3.8.x variant and also
> 4.0.x, and then each 4.1.x? 


>What if I have 3.6.1? Will they make a
> package for me with all the new files since then?


> Odd that you mention making things simple, yet everything you want
> just adds a new level of complexity...

*everything* sounds like a lot of things or your *multitude of upgrade options*.

C'mon Martin don't misconstruct my statement.


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