[TYPO3] Customizing templates

Andrew Davis andrew at avagraphique.com
Mon Apr 9 17:03:28 CEST 2007

you could ebable/disable the printable page link using conditions in 
your template, that way you will only need one.

look for conditions in the newsgroup for more help

alternatively, you can have a separate template for each printable page, 
but if you uncheck clear setup and clear constants and rootlevel then 
you only need to add the needed code, and the tempplace will be added to 
the one above it in the tree...

hope that helps a bit,
andrew davis

tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:
> Sorry for the question, I don't know if what I'm looking for can be done.
> Is it possible to write a unique template to be used for the whole site, 
> in which single parts of the template may be enabled/disabled using 
> TSconfig of each page?
> I want to add a print version of the page, but only in some selected 
> pages. So those pages should enable both the "link to print version", 
> and the availability of typeNum98 format.
> I would love to avoid to make a separate template for each of these pages.
> Thanks,
> Tonino

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