[TYPO3] Frontend User Registration

Moritz Rogalli moritz.rogalli at komma.info
Thu Apr 5 14:21:52 CEST 2007

Kirill Klimov schrieb:
> Moritz Rogalli wrote:
>> for starters: Use 2.5.5 and not 2.5.6, 2.5.6 is really buggy. I had 
>> the same problem some time ago but unfortunately i don't remember what 
>> the cause was.
>  Have you reported the problem to http://bugs.typo3.org/ [project 
> tx_srfeuserregister] ?

No i didn't report anything because it was a combination of problems 
with tx_srfeuserregister 2.5.6, some added fields and my own sh***y 
template and i got quite confused (i should really try to avoid working 
all night ;-)).
So at the end i started building the user registration again from 
scratch with v2.5.5 (thanks to a tip on typo3.net) and miraculously it 

there's one thing i remember, though: kb_md5... and fe_userregister 
wouldn't cooperate with 2.5.6 but afaik there's a bug-report already.



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