[TYPO3] Search indexing with crawler not finding dynamic pages

Sebastian Fuchs sebastian at hexerei.net
Tue Apr 3 15:03:17 CEST 2007

i have had also some problem to get the crawler ext working. During my 
last try i come to the point that it requires the http protocol to be 
registered as a stream (check phpinfo for that) to work.
(on a different server with this protocol enabled the ext runs like a 
Maybe this is your problem too.
When using the crawler you first click on 'Crawl URLs' to write the urls 
to crawl to the crawler queue. after that you start the crawler though 
the button 'Run now' on the CLI status page.

Your second problem sound like you have a caching problem here. 
Everything that is cachable can be indexed as well and so can be found 
through the indexed_search. I dont know how you include your scripts, 
but probablly you will have to rewrite your php codes to cachable 
extensions in order to make them appeare in the search.

good luck

Anna Nees schrieb:
> We are currently trying to implement the search functionality on our Typo3 website. 
> The default is working fine (when a page gets indexed it can then be found via the search).
> However we are trying to set up the crawler extension to do this automatically, but it doesn't seem to work.  We have followed the extension manual but still no luck.  Basically when we press "Crawl URLs" it appears to index a few and the stop - the status of all the others remaining as "..".
> Our second problem is that have have a lot of pages which have php include files in them, which pull in dynamic data on the fly as needed.  It's really important that these are indexed, however Typo3 is not currently finding them (even if we visit a specific page which such content - to ensure it's indexed - and then search for it).
> Any help with either of these issues would be greatly appreciated!
> Anna

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