[TYPO3] Hook, and how to access i.e. something liek piVars

Matthias Stuebner news at stuebner.de
Tue Apr 3 14:12:04 CEST 2007


implementing my first hook I have trouble to find the right way to access


- The hook uses contentPostProc-output to react when a even cached page is
called. The page of interest shows details of a product.

The id of the product to show is carried in a piVar i.e. itemID=3. And that
leads to my question:

How can I find which piVars were set for the specific cached page?

Inside my hook-function I can successfully access the tslib_fe object via
$reference->id etc., but how to get the piVars that were set when this page
was generated?

Any hint or pointer is highly welcome, Thanx in advance.
br Matthias

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