[TYPO3] Third try: Print a list of image filenames to the page?

Mike php at talkingspider.com
Thu Sep 21 01:24:32 CEST 2006

I've asked this question two different ways already so I'm going to 
try to explain it in php code now.

I have some pages.

In the typo3 backend, I have an "Images only" content object in the 
"Normal" column of each of those pages. As in, you go into the typo3 
backend and click "Create page content" and choose "Images 
only".  One of those.

I have uploaded three images into that "Images only" content object.

I want to print the filenames of those images into the html of the 
page. Here is what I would do if it was php:

foreach ($imagesInTheImageContentObjectInTheMiddleColumn as $imagefilename) {
	echo "'" . $imagefilename . "'" . ",";

I've literally spent 5 full days on this. I've asked in this group 
twice before. I've read the documentaton thrice over.  Can this be 
done in typo3 at all?

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