[TYPO3] Problem ordering characters åäö in typo3

typo3 at mrbrown.se typo3 at mrbrown.se
Fri Sep 15 13:58:32 CEST 2006

> Hi!
> typo3 at mrbrown.se wrote:
>> A while ago I made an extension for typo3 using the guide kickstarter
>> guide. The extension is made for storing resellers and listing them in
>> FE
>> ordered by name. The problem is that it seems like typo3 somehow have a
>> problem reading the letters å ä ö and putting them correctly in a
>> sorted
>> list.
>> In mySQL the code for åäö is showed as;
>> å = ä
>> ä = ä
>> ö = ö
>> It seems like typo3/mySQL orders the resellers using the specific mySQL
>> code and because of it the letters å ä ö is sorted in wrong order. I
>> tried
>> to change the DB to utf-8 and I also tried with latin_swedish_c1 but
>> none
>> of these shows my list in correct order. I can’t figure out how to
>> solve
>> this problem but hopefully someone on this list has the solution.
> You may want to search mailing list archives for the answer. Firsts, you
> need to setup initialization commands to mysql correctly (like SET NAMES
> utf8) and set up mysql locale correctly.
> --
> Dmitry Dulepov
> http://typo3bloke.net/

I tried to search the list for an answer but I only found one thread and
still no answer to my specific problem. I would be great if you got any
suggestions about search words or threads where I can find more info or a


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