[TYPO3] Localized items don't show up

Lars Kappert lars at efocus.nl
Fri Sep 15 12:12:49 CEST 2006

I have localization completely set up, I think. But only the "default"
content items show up on the frontend (no matter which language I view).
I never see the items that are attached to a specific language (with an
url like /index.php?id=6&L=1).

This is in my root template setup (from the "frontend localization

# l10n:
config {
    linkVars = L
[globalVar = GP:L=1]
config {
    sys_language_uid = 1
    language = nl
    locale_all = nl_NL
[globalVar = GP:L=2]
config {
    sys_language_uid = 2
    language = uk
    locale_all = en_EN

If I remove this, the same problem occurs, so I'm not sure where the
problem exactly lies. Can someone help me out?

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