[TYPO3] question on pi_initpiflexform in tt_news

Joachim Rinck jr at modan.ch
Wed Sep 13 14:11:42 CEST 2006

Hi everybody,

it seems that $this->pi_initPIflexForm(); does not really work in my 
tt_news installation on typo4.0.2. Afaik everything is set up normally 
and flexforms do work in other extensions (like TV for example).

i have set the "CODE" in the flexform, checked in the database that the 
value is actually stored in tt_contents pi_flexform xml but still 
tt_news doesn't use it.

i var_dumped the $this->cObj->data and there is no ['pi_flexform'] inside.

hopefully somebody on the list can put me on the right track,

best regards,


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