[TYPO3] Extensions and GPL

Bjoern Kraus krausbn at php.net
Sun Sep 10 19:51:41 CEST 2006

> I guess we have the same understanding but from different directions.
> TYPO3 + nothing special (extension w/o additonal libs/framework) -> GPL
> TYPO3 + non GPL -> depends
> So can we conclude the answer for the question:
> 1) "...can be licensed in any way we want. Is that right?"
> No that's not right and was mentioned and stated before.
> 2) "...doesn't want to share the extensions"
> GPL it NOT claiming to make the extension publicly available if you and 
> your customer agree on not publishing it. BUT you customer would have 
> the right to do anything with the code he wants.
> Regs. Peter.

Thanks for this precise answer! I think this will solve our problems.

Perhaps it's a good idea to put this information on the T3 website.


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