[TYPO3] New top menu

Matthew Manderson matthew at manderson.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 10:59:53 CEST 2006

Nagita Karunaratne wrote:
> but that list I mentioned is the official and complete list 
> of newsgroups linked from the typo3.org. 

Not true, not all the lists are in that list as design being one of them, so
it can't be 'the official and complete list'.

typo3.org actually says lists on 'lists.netfielders.de' however I access my
lists in my newsreader at a different server 'news.netfielders.de' and this
includes the design list.

typo3.org should 'not' be linking to this page in isolation but 'in
addition' add advice about using a newsreader given this has been the TYPO3
preference for some time.

So long as you found yourself the 'news.netfielders.de' server in
Thunderbird you'll be fine.


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