[TYPO3] How to create page without html tags and header

Henrik Rasmussen info at hmrdesign.dk
Wed Sep 6 13:09:55 CEST 2006


I am playing with som AJAX live search in combination with tt_products, but 
my problem is only TYPO3 related.

I have created a page type in the template with type = 99. It is striped for 
all information except styles.content.get.

What I want is to remove everything from: <html> to <body> and from </body> 
to </html>.

In other words, what I want is, when I enter: 
http://url/index.php?id=123&type=99 and view the source, it should only be 
content, no html tags.

I hope you understand the question, and that it can be acomplished.

Best regards
Henrik Rasmussen

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