[TYPO3] Options for hosting multiple sites - revisited ...

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Thu Sep 7 02:37:56 CEST 2006

> I've searched the archives and found a question almost identical to
> mine, but no answers to it ... so I'll ask:
> We need to roll out a multiple domain Typo3 installation - mostly
> small client sites. My server admin has asked how we are going to
> keep track of individual site disk usage for billing purposes.
>  From what I've read the easiest way to handle multiple domains with
> Typo3 (letting Typo3 do the domain handling with the separate sites
> as different page trees on the one installation) will put everything
> in the one database. Is there any way, preferably one that could be
> automated, to
> a) keep track of an individual domain/client's disk usage within the
> one database and
> b) remove a client site (if the client moves away or goes out of
> business)?
> I'm leaning towards the other alternative multiple domain option of
> one Typo3 source with multiple installs with their own databases,
> using the symlink to the source etc. A bit messier to set up, bigger
> overhead for each client install, but I think easier to admin.
> I would appreciate advice on how others have handled disk space
> billing for multiple domains, and any other opinions on either
> multiple domain handling option.

If you want to keep track of disk usage you can only use the second option,
which is anyway the better solution, if the different domains don't belong
to just one client.
This way your clients could even get admin rights, which is impossible when
they are all using one DB.

Especially when it comes to removing stuff, if a client moves away, the
second option would be much more comfortable, since you just had to delete
his DB, one folder and the entry of the virtual server for his domain.

A rule of thumb could be:
Use one separate TYPO3 install for each of your clients.
Use the same TYPO3 install for each of the domains belonging to one client
to make it more comfortable for him, to manage and maybe reuse the content
on different sites.



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