[TYPO3] Anonymouse users in Typo3 (Extension developments)

Mario Matzulla mario.melanie at arcor.de
Fri Mar 31 13:17:53 CEST 2006

Ries van Twisk schrieb:
> Hey List,
> when a user is nog logged in then this variable is set to false:
> $GLOBALS['TSFE']->fe_user->user
> However, what I would like to see is an anonymouse concept in typo3 that 
> the above
> variable is filled with a record out of a pre_defined record in the 
> fe_users.
> What I also would like to site is what many sites do.
> When you are not logged in then the system knows your username and some 
> simple information.
> But you cannot perform crusial operations. This is needed for community 
> sites.

I do support this approach. Working on the cal-extension shows me that 
an anonymous user is needed. Right now you have to create and configure 
one manually. This is not nice and people often ask me why this is 
needed. But if you have relation tables you need to have an fe_user.uid...


> Is that possible? and what ae other ideas about this?
> Ries

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